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Emergency Fund for Students at Southeast

Kelcy Sass has been at Southeast High School for 14 of the 16 years she has been a counselor, and in that time she has helped a lot of students. One of the highlights of the job for Sass is when she is able to support students who need guidance. “More and more students present to our counselors with significant needs. Our counselors work very hard at developing a rapport and relationship with students to find out more about the needs [they] are experiencing.” Sass loves the way our community embraces students and finds ways to support them.

One way students find support is through The Cara Hornung Estate Fund, which is designated to a senior student at Lincoln Southeast High School who needs financial assistance. Funds are earmarked to help a student remain in school to finish his/her senior year. Selected by the principal and counselors, this fund has made a difference in the lives of many students. “Students cover and cope very well, and so sometimes the need is not apparent,” said Sass. She remembers one student in particular who was couch surfing, meaning that she was homeless and living between several friends’ homes. “We were able to provide clothing and groceries through the fund. She went on to graduate that year and then on to Peru State College.” This fund makes it possible for a student each year to be able to stay focused on finishing school.

Recently, another student was working at a fast food restaurant. When a robbery happened during his shift, the student and his mother decided he needed to find a safer place to work. He was a major breadwinner for his family, so this was quite a blow to them. He received funds to help his family until he could find another job where he felt safe. He was able to focus on staying in school instead of dropping out. The impact was great. Helping students achieve their goals through gifts from generous donors gives struggling young adults hope about their future.

There are many opportunities for donors to make a difference for students in our community, and more funding is essential to meeting all their needs. Visit and click on stories, or search for a list of Emergency Funds .

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