STEAM-Focused Learning

Summer is the perfect time to explore, create, and get hands-on in ways that children can’t get enough of.

  • STEAMChildren may not know what STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) stands for, but they know how to do it. The problems they want to solve are big and broad so the STEAM fields had to join forces and make this acronym. STEAM learning inspires big thinking, and a chance to explore, wonder, build, and learn!

    The Spark Summer Learning program is filled with hands-on, age-appropriate lessons. We’ll dive into physics and engineering by designing water slides. We’ll explore ecology and biology by creating new animals and designing a zoo habitat for them! And, so much more! Check out our weekly themes for more information on what we’ll be doing each week!

    But don’t worry... exploring and learning won’t be the only fun we have! Each Wednesday, we’ll head out for field trips and pool time!