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Leola Bullock Award

Leola Bullock Multicultural Educator Award

"I want to be sure that each child is presented with … the affirmation of his/her personhood and humanity."  Leola Bullock  

For over 44 years, Leola Bullock worked to increase racial understanding in our community. Leola is one of Nebraska's most vocal, persistent, and patient civil rights leaders. A native of Mississippi, Bullock founded Concerned Citizens for Truth in Education, a group that pointed out racial bias in textbooks, literature, and teaching methods in schools. As a result, Lincoln Public Schools formed the Multicultural Advisory Committee in 1973 under then superintendent, John Prasch.  Bullock additionally advised the University of Nebraska - Lincoln Training Teachers of Teachers. 

The annual award recognizes any LPS employee who has been an innovative leader and who has made a significant contribution to fostering understanding of our multicultural society through developing and implementing District programs.  

Nominations may be submitted by any individual or group.  

There is no online nomination process.  Names of nominees may be sent to the Multi-Cultural Liaison at LPSDO, 5905 O Street, Lincoln, NE  68510.  

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