Camp Crew

Thank you for your interest in Camp Crew. Applications have closed for the Summer 2024 Program.

Spark Summer Learning is a summer camp for elementary students focusing on STEAM subjects. But we know the love of STEAM does not end at 5th grade.... middle and high school students are eager to learn new things and have the skills to help instill their passion for science, technology, engineering, art, and math with younger students. 

Spark Camp Crew program is designed to provide Lincoln-area incoming 7th – 10th grade students with:  

  • Interactive learning opportunities focusing on STEAM subjects and opportunities to learn from multiple STEAM expert guest speakers and attend Spark field trips. 
  • Opportunities to gain new skills, including effective communication, teaching, organization, and teamwork. 
  • Development of leadership skills and opportunities to share your passion for STEAM with younger students.  
  • Time to have fun and develop new friends.  
  • Documentation of service hours (if needed).  

In return, Spark Summer Learning is seeking incoming 7th – 10th grade students who:  

  • Have a passion for STEAM subjects and a desire to share that knowledge and passion with others.  
  • Are willing and excited to work with elementary-aged students. 
  • Are open to learning new skills and willing to explore and discover new things.  
  • Are a team player willing to jump in and help whenever and wherever help is needed.  

Spark Camp Crew Members are expected to commit to work at least five weeks of the summer but are welcome to work all ten weeks of summer camp. Additionally, crew members are asked to attend a one-time, 3-hour evening training in mid-May.  

Crew members have the opportunity to work:*

  • All day – 8 am-5 pm 
  • Mornings – 8:00 am – 1 pm 
  • Afternoon – Noon-5 pm 

Crew members will be provided breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack (all-day crew), breakfast and lunch (morning crew), or lunch and afternoon snack (afternoon crew).

*ALL camp crew members will work all day on Wednesdays (8 am - 5 pm), where they will go on amazing field trips, head to the pool, and learn from STEAM experts.  

Spark Camp Crew members must have transportation to and from camp each day. Spark will take place at Holmes Elementary, 5230 Sumner Street, Lincoln, NE 68506.  

Spark Summer Learning will attempt to allow crew members to work with existing friends as much as possible. Still, each crew member will be assigned to a Spark classroom to assist Spark teachers with STEAM lessons, engage elementary students in interactive, hands-on activities, and assist with field trips and guest speakers. Additionally, we strive to have the Spark Camp Crew Program be an opportunity for students to network and develop new friends.  

What parents/guardians must provide:  

  • Transportation to and from Spark each day 
  • Timely drop-off and pick-up 
  • $40 weekly fee to cover meals, field trips, and activity supplies 

Application Process:  

  • Complete the online application by January 31.  
  • Once applications are in, Spark staff will review applications and contact students to set up a quick 30-minute interview to take place between February 19-23. Interviews will be completed via Zoom between 4-6 pm unless otherwise requested by the applicant.  
  • Acceptance emails will be mailed by March 1.  

Applications for Camp Crew 2024 are now open!