Weekly Themes

A Summer of Awesome

Spark Summer Learning spots fill fast - Registration opens February 15, 2024.

Week 1: May 29-31 (short week)

Power of Pollinators

What do blueberries, almonds, and vanilla all have in common? They're all yummy, and they are all pollinated by bees! Explore where our food comes from, how it is produced, and how important pollinators are to the process.


Week 2: June 3-7

Science of Sports

When sports and STEAM meet, you get... a slam dunk! We'll explore the science behind some of your favorite sports and learn how some pretty basic physics concepts - speed, force, and energy - can have a huge impact. This camp's guaranteed to be a grand slam home run!


Week 3: June 10-14

If you build it, they will come.

Bake a batch of cookies, and you will attract many friends! Build a bird feeder, and you're sure to attract many birds. In this camp, we combine conservation and construction! We'll explore the world of birds - biodiversity, habitats, and habits. Then, we'll use this knowledge (and hammers, nails, and glue) to construct a bird feeder!


Week 4: June 17-21

Road to Code - Registration FULL

Transform a love of computers and technology into an exciting coding journey! We'll explore the world of coding through the use of several different robots, then put that coding knowledge into action through fun, real-world projects! This road to coding is sure to be an adventure!


Week 5: June 24-28

Connecting with Cameras

Discover STEAM through a new lens! We’ll learn the basics of cameras, then use our new knowledge to discover the natural world and explore the wonders of science! Connecting science, storytelling, and technology has never been so fun! Budding photographers, videographers, and scientists won’t want to miss it!


Week 6: July 1-3 (short week)

World of Water

Water is critical to life.... it is also super fun! This week, we'll explore water science, including water chemistry, creatures, and conservation. We'll be sure to save plenty of time for water fun and games, too! From fishing to swimming, water balloons to sprinklers... you won't want to miss this one!


Week 7: July 8-12

Mystery Solved - Registration FULL

Who did it? And how! We'll dive into forensics science and hone our skills as we investigate some classroom mysteries. Then, we'll lead out into nature to explore the world of CSI... critter scene investigations, that is! We "suspect" you'll have a blast!


Week 8: July 15-19

Interstellar Investigations - Registration FULL

Calling all astronauts, astronomers, aeronautics engineers, and daydreamers! Learn about space, satellites, rockets, and rovers. Create a Mars lander to safely deliver astronauts, explore the vastness of outer space, and investigate our own star!


Week 9: July 22-26

All Creatures Great & Small - Registration FULL

When Fido is not feeling fantastic or Bessie has a bad belly, it's time to head to the vet. This week of camp will focus on vet science - animal care, feed science, medicine, and more. If you love animals... or are interested in the science behind keeping animals healthy, we can't wait to explore with you!