Spark Summer Learning Camp Scholarship Application  

Thanks for your interest in a scholarship for Spark Summer Learning. Unfortunately, the scholarship application has closed for the 2024 season. 

Thanks to generous donors and community support who have provided funds for scholarship: 

  • Acklie Foundation
  • Firespring Foundation
  • Lincoln Community Foundation Open Doors
  • Karen Peppmuller
  • Linda Lichtenberg
  • Stu Elliott
  • Harbor of Dreams


  • All scholarships provided by Spark Summer Learning cover 100% of tuition
  • To be eligible for a scholarship, your family must meet one or more of the following criteria: 
    • Your family is eligible for the Child Care Subsidy Program - regardless of if you are registered to participate in the Child Care Subsidy Program
    • Your family is eligible for the school-based Free or Reduced Lunch Program
    • Your family's household income is under 250% of the federal poverty level (use the chart below)

Number of people in household 2023 Federal Poverty Rate 150% of Federal Poverty Rate 250% of Federal Poverty Rate
2 $19,720.00 $29,580.00 $49,300.00
3 $24,860.00 $37,290.00 $62,150.00
4 $30,000.00 45,000.00 $75,000.00
5 35,140.00 $52,710.00 $87,850.00
6 $40,280.00 $60,420.00 $100,700.00
7 $45,420.00 $68,130.00 $113,550.00
8 $58,140.00 $68,130.00 $145,350.00

If your household income is at or below either of these levels, you qualify for a Spark Summer Learning camp scholarship.

Note: If a student misses three or more days of camp without a reasonable parent note, their scholarship will be revoked. Children are welcome to continue to attend, but parents/guardians will be responsible for the weekly camp fee. 


Scholarship Timeline:

  • February 1: Scholarship application opens 
  • February 20: First round of scholarship applications reviewed 
  • March 1: The first round of scholarship recipients will be notified; parents/guardians will have until March 15 to register.  
  • March 22: Should additional funds be available, a second round of scholarship review will occur. 
  • April 5: The second round of scholarship recipients will be notified; parents/guardians will have until April 19 to register.  


Thanks to our Funders!

A special thank you to these charitable organizations for supporting Spark Summer Learning. Spark seeks scholarship funds through grants, private foundations, and individual donors. If you are interested in donating, please visit our donation page.  



Spark Learning LLC will distribute scholarships pending the availability of funds. Spark Learning LLC reserves the right to request and audit financial documents of claims made about eligibility for childcare assistance programs at any time. Refusal to submit information is grounds for denying scholarship applications or awards.    



If you have questions regarding Spark Summer Learning or our scholarship opportunities, please get in touch with Lindsay Rogers, or 402-436-1416.