Our Curriculum

A Summer of Awesome

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Full Week Pricing: $250/week + $10 activity fee

Half Week Pricing: (Week 1 and 6) $175 week fee


Week 1: May 31-June 2 (shorter week)

Spark Your Inner Maker

Put your creativity to use! Each day we’ll have a different challenge to tackle... from designing Rube Golberg machines to creating new furniture. Dream, wonder, design and create!


Week 2: June 5-9

Animal Adaptation Artistry

Why does a flamingo have long legs? Or, a rabbit have big ears? We'll learn all about animal adaptations, then design our own unique animals. With a trip to the zoo, we'll explore animal habitats and use our discoveries to create fitting homes for our new animals!


Week 3: June 12-16

Water Park Week: Enter the Splash Zone!

There's nothing better than a trip to the water park. Water slides! Pools! Splash pads! But what if you got to design your own? We'll explore the physics of waterslides and engineer some of our own! Plus, we'll head to an actual water park (for research, of course!)


Week 4: June 19-23

Growing Green

Dig into the world of seeds, soil and plants. Where do seeds come from? What do seeds need to grow? How are seeds critical to our food production. We’ll head to a greenhouse to learn about seed science, then design and develop our own greenhouses. This is one (muddy) week you won't want to miss!


Week 5: June 26-30

Engineering: Bridging Out

Bridges are everywhere and come in all shapes and sizes. From the world's longest bridge (102 miles long!) to the world's highest bridge (1,333 feet tall). We'll explore what it takes to engineer bridges and build some of our own... but will they stand the test?


Week 6: July 5-7 (shorter week)

Designed from Nature

Fighter jets were designed by looking at the shape of raptor wings. Velcro was designed by looking at sticky seeds. How else can we use nature to inspire new inventions? We'll explore nature for inspiration, then head to our maker's labs to get to work!


Week 7: July 10-14

Science of Sound

Sounds can be quiet... or LOUD! They can be high pitched like a siren or low pitched like lion’s roar. And are all ears equal when it comes to the ability to hear? We’ll explore the science of sound as we investigate how ears work, explore musical instruments... and design some music of our own.


Week 8: July 17-21

Learn to Speak Robot

Robots are machines that can do so many things... from vacuuming your floors to assisting with complicated surgeries. But how do they know what to do? Coding, of course! Come ready to rock the world of coding, computers and robots!


Week 9: July 24-28

Bionic Bodies

Hello medicine! Meet my friend engineering. This week, we’ll explore how engineering and medicine work together to help humans thrive. By investigating the world of prosthetics, we’ll learn how the body moves and how to dream, design and develop new prosthetics.


Week 10: July 31-August 4

Food Lab

What makes ice cream so yummy? What makes salty snacks so tempting? And how do we make new foods? This week will be filled with food investigations, trying new foods and exploring how food is critical to our community. And, yes, we’ll be developing our own unique ice cream flavors!